Our process dictates the types of service products we offer. In other words, we provide you with creative solutions that extend across all stages of brand management:

Know Solutions
     ● Market Definition Research – info on relevant market size, share, geography and trends
     ● Audience Behavior Research – info on how and why do customers behave towards your brand and/or category
     ● Competitive Analysis Research – info on competing brands’ attributes, positioning, strategy and activities
     ● Brand Benefit Research – info on your brand’s characteristics and their link to customer-related benefits

Plan Solutions
     ● Brand Positioning Workshop – agree on your brand’s unique essence, personality & promise to its audience
     ● Brand Identity Workshop – agree on your brands’ portfolio, architecture, and recognition elements
     ● Strategic Development Workshop – agree on your brand’s business, consumer & implementation goals
     ● Action Planning Workshop – agree on media mix, segment spend and timeline

Do Solutions
     ● Screen Display Media – ranges from flash web intros to TV commercials
     ● Screen Interactive Media – ranges from web banners to rich internet applications
     ● Print Display Media – ranges from counter-top stands to facade banners
     ● Print Interactive Media – ranges from business cards to promotional packaging

Measure Solutions
     ● Performance Evaluation Report – check business, consumer & implementation achievement against set goals
     ● Media Effectiveness Report – check response, timeliness and value of media mix
     ● Environment Scanning Report – check market, audience or competition changes on performance or media

Each service product or solution serves as a tool to fulfill the templates in each section of each stage of our process. Please bear in mind that about half of the above solutions (especially “Know” and “Plan”) may already be available at your end in one form or the other. This is how integrated and interdependent we ought to be!