One of the most sensitive and debatable Ps is the price of service products especially those provided by communication agencies. At 7PEAS, we ensure our solutions deliver good value for the given price, and more importantly you believe they are worth the price. We do that through quality, timeliness, communication and added services. Only then will your price sensitivity decrease and perceived value of our work increase.

Unlike most agencies, we dont charge for any third party commission rates (media, printers, etc). Our pricing strategy is solely dependent on hourly rates that are determined by the type of solutions provided (operational strategic), the seniority of the involved personnel (junior senior) and the level of client loyalty (one off monthly). For instance, we will not charge you a 10% commission rate for printing 1,000 and 10,000 similar brochures, but we will charge you the number of hours spent with the printer regardless of how many brochures you are printing.